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How to Sell a Used Car

You're ready for a new vehicle, but what to do with the old one? Consider donating it to a charitable organization (for a possible tax credit). But if it's still in good working order, you may want to sell it yourself. You'll usually get more that way than trading it in at dealership, but selling it yourself requires some work. Here are some ideas on how to sell a used car.

What to do when selling a car

Selling your car is easier than it used to be -- thanks to online automotive auction sites. Consider this breakdown of what to do when selling a car:

  • Setting a price: You want a price low enough to be attractive, but high enough so you'll have room to negotiate without going below your desired sale price. There are guides and websites that will give you an approximate value of your vehicle, while online used car listings can help refine the price.
  • Creating a listing: Advertise your vehicle on online car-sales sites and print publications like the local newspaper, neighborhood shopper or auto trader.
  • Making the sale: When it comes time to show the vehicle, be honest. Some potential customers may wish to test drive the car or have it checked out by a mechanic. When it comes to price, be prepared to negotiate.
  • Transferring the title: Once you and the buyer have agreed on a price, it's time to complete the sale. Personal checks are virtually impossible for you to verify, so insist upon a cashier's check, bank draft or cash. You will then need to transfer the title according to your state's laws.

Tips for selling a used car

How to get the most for your used car:

  • Wash and wax it before showing. Good presentation will help your vehicle stand out from others.
  • Make a list of recent repairs, add-ons and other selling points that will help your car stand out from others.
  • Compile your basic maintenance records showing recent oil changes, new filters, tune-ups, etc.
  • For your online or print sales ad, provide several high-resolution photos of the vehicle – exterior and interior. After all, a well-designed advertisement will get more attention.

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