Setting the new standard in wealth management.

It’s time for investment management to come out of the stone age.

Titan is a private wealth experience—fit for you.

There are some investors that truly stand apart from the rest—iconic names, prescient thinkers, and prolific researchers. We make it our job to find those investment partners, and work with them to make their funds available to you. We partner with investment firms to lower barriers to investing in alternative asset classes (like private real estate, private credit, and more), while also selectively developing our own proprietary products to help meet our clients’ needs.

But all of that means nothing if the mix and weight of these strategies is not uniquely tailored to support your individual financial goals. Being a Titan client means being treated with personalized, high-touch support and targeted investing guidance that revolves around your needs and preferences. And finally, in a time when online investing content and anonymous “advice” forums abound, Titan is a place for you to ask questions and get answers, straight from those managing your money.

We aim to reimagine investing—from the very products that are available, to the client experience from beginning to end. Some elements of our offering may be familiar only to the wealthy few such as access to blue-chip investment partners and the new asset classes enabling additional ways to diversify and manage risk.

We founded Titan to set a new standard in investment management: curated, comprehensive, simple-to-use—and fit for you.

Our Founders

Joe Percoco

Co-Founder & Co-Ceo

Joe spent time at McKinsey & Co. in San Francisco in their technology practice, at Goldman Sachs & Co. in NYC, and most recently as an early employee at a long/short equity hedge fund. He graduated from The Wharton School / University of Pennsylvania.

Clayton Gardner

Co-Founder & Co-Ceo

Clay has spent the majority of his career as an investor at multi-billion dollar hedge funds, applying the long-term, quality-oriented approach that Titan uses today. He graduated from The Wharton School / University of Pennsylvania.

Max Bernardy

Co-Founder & CTO

In addition to his time as a software engineer at a hedge fund, Max was a senior engineer and early employee at several early-stage technology companies. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science.

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