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Basket of ETFs designed to provide diversified exposure to major bond markets.

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Automated Investing

About Automated Bonds

Automated Bonds aims to provide diversified exposure to bonds, a time-tested asset class that’s key in seeking to provide stability to an investment portfolio.

This strategy is designed to invest in a diversified basket of bond ETFs, which are algorithmically rebalanced to aim to maintain the appropriate portfolio mix for you and your goals. Our investable universe encompasses a broad set of markets, from emerging market debt to municipal bonds. We invest in these markets via ETFs, and select weights using a rules-based optimization, based on time-tested principles of .

Automated Bonds Explained

Key Facts

Total Holdings


Minimum Initial Investment (non-retirement)


Asset Class

Bonds (Fixed Income)




4-8 Global Bond ETFs

Inception Date


Rebalancing Frequency



U.S. Short Treasury Bonds (GBIL)


TIPS Inflation-Protected Bonds (VTIP)


Emerging Market Debt (EMB)


U.S. Municipal Bonds (VTEB)


Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds (VCIT)


*As of 05/01/23, subject to change quarterly. Holdings shown for Automated Bonds are for taxable accounts only.

Titan Advisory Fee

No Fee


Strategy Expense

Expense Ratio

0.10% – 0.12%


Idea Generation and Investment Universe

The Titan Automated Bonds investment process begins with a broad set of bond markets that are diversifying to one another. Our universe encompasses a broad set of markets, from emerging market debt to municipal bonds, but final portfolios are determined by a rigorous, rules-based model.

Rules-Based Approach

Our automated, rules-based approach to determining investment weights is based on time-tested principles of portfolio optimization and Modern Portfolio Theory. Our model forms expectations for returns, correlations, and volatilities of bond markets, and selects weights that aim to enhance risk-adjusted return.

Portfolio Management

Investments will naturally drift with market movements, which is why the strategy is rebalanced quarterly for risk management and optimal return purposes. Rebalances are implemented automatically and within reasonable thresholds in seeking proper risk management without over-trading. The holdings and weights for Automated Bonds may differ between taxable and retirement accounts.

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