Breaking down our pricing

The fee you pay is based on your personalized portfolio. There are two main things you can invest in: Automated strategies and professionally managed strategies. Let’s break that down.

Automated Strategies

Automated Stocks and Bonds

No Advisory Fee

Automated Stocks and Bonds are collections of ETFs that track equity and bond markets with diversified exposure. You won’t be charged a Titan Advisory Fee for these strategies and deposits count towards reducing your fee in actively managed proprietary strategies.

Actively Managed

Proprietary Strategies

0.7% - 0.9% Annual

The Titan Advisory Fee is a tiered fee based on the total net deposits you’ve made. Deposits into those strategies still count toward reducing your fee in our other actively managed strategies.

Amount you invest


Annual blended average Titan Advisory Fee






Annual Titan Advisory Fee

Automated Stocks


No Advisory Fee

Automated Bonds


No Advisory Fee



0.8% / year

Real Estate


0.8% / year



0.8% / year



0.8% / year

Example personalized portfolio

You will receive a personalized investment recommendation, but it’s easiest to see what you’d pay using an example portfolio.

Disclaimer: The example above is hypothetical in nature and is not intended to be construed as a real recommendation for any specific individual.

Cash Vault

No Titan Advisory Fee

0% advisory

Automated Stocks and Bonds

No Titan Advisory Fee

0% advisory

Titan proprietary strategies

The more you invest, the more you save

0.9% per year


0.8% per year


0.7% per year


Partner proprietary strategies

Beyond the Titan Advisory Fee, additional strategy expenses may apply to partner funds

Strategy expenses vary

How we compare

You’ll get most of the same things you’d get through a conventional wealth manager with Titan, without paying their expensive price tag or needing the high minimums they generally require.

Traditional Wealth Manager

Average annual management fee

0.7% – 0.9%

1% – 1.5%

Minimum initial investment



In-house investment team

Personalized portfolio

Access to institutional-grade investment funds

Investor relations team at your service

Index strategies with no advisory fee

Save even moreInvest in Automated Stocks and Bonds for $0 Titan Advisory Fee

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