A few of the top questions from Ask Titan Anything this week

Saturday, Sep 24th 2022


Happy Saturday! Here are the top questions from Ask Titan Anything this week. As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Q: Any interesting areas of opportunity/themes to look at right now?

An interesting / fairly idiosyncratic area that we may dig into further is a shortage in nursing agency staffing that has persisted longer than many expected. With the S&P 500 down ~23% and the Nasdaq down ~31% YTD, we believe there are pockets of the market that are starting to get quite interesting – nursing staffing included. For example, Cross Country Healthcare (CCRN) is an outsourced, traveling nurse staffing agency that can potentially be extremely asset-light, given these firms are primarily just taking a markup on typical nursing salaries before passing them on to the operator (customer). 

- Christopher Seifel, Investment Analyst 

Q: If I want to reallocate between strategies within my Titan IRA, am I ok processing a withdrawal to Titan cash and then reinvesting?

Yes! If you want to re-allocate capital, you can move invested capital from a specific strategy to Titan Cash and from Titan Cash to your desired strategy.

- Jack Sullivan, Investor Relations

Q: What happened in markets to end the week?

Stocks tumbled Friday to cap a brutal week for financial markets, as surging interest rates and foreign currency turmoil heightened fears of a global recession. The S&P 500 slid 1.72% in trading on Friday and the Nasdaq dropped 1.8%. The S&P and Nasdaq shed 4.65% and 5.07% and the market has been transitioning quickly from worries over inflation to concerns over the aggressive Federal Reserve campaign. We'll be back to trading on Monday AM.

- John DeYonker, Investor Relations

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