Top client questions from Ask Titan Anything this week

Saturday, Apr 29th 2023


Happy Saturday! Here are the top questions from Ask Titan Anything this week. As always, reach out to us if you have any questions.

Q: What's the difference between Titan Cash and Titan Treasury?

Think of the Cash Reserve as your "holding tank" before making investments into funds and strategies on Titan. If you roll over an IRA/401K or sell out of a strategy, it will land in your Cash Reserve by default. For other savings like an emergency fund or money for a down payment, we believe Titan Treasury is the best home thanks to its higher yield. Titan Treasury also has tax benefits; some of the earnings will not be subjected to state or local taxes. You should consult with your tax advisor to determine the tax implications of your investment.

Q: At what point does my yield change for Titan Treasury?

Deposits into Titan Treasury under $3,000 are allocated towards the Charles Schwab fund and yield 4.29% annually. Deposits over $3,000 into Titan Treasury are allocated towards the Vanguard fund and yield 4.68% annually. If you were to deposit $2000 today and then deposit another $1000 tomorrow, our team would automatically rebalance your account into the Vanguard fund to ensure you are receiving the highest yield possible.

Q: Big week for tech earnings - some highlights?

MSFT, GOOGL: Microsoft and Google both reported earnings after the bell on Tuesday and the results were better than feared. For Google, Ad revenues outpaced expectations, cloud turned profitable and the company announced $70 billion in buybacks (yes, with a B). For Microsoft, Azure came in line, Bing daily active users impressed and the company guided expectations higher - an important signal of strength for the entire technology complex. The results certainly calms fears of an earnings slow down and as shareholders we're thrilled to see the reports.

META: Meta moved +12% after hours on Wednesday after an unexpected increase in sales and an optimistic guidance for Q2. Investors have rallied around Zuckerberg’s plans to slim down the company from a headcount and cost perspective while continuing to invest in key initiatives (AI). We're all around pleased with the quarter as our thesis tracks.

AMZN: Amazon reported impressive earnings on Thursday  -- cloud and advertising lead the way and strong beats on operating income. Second quarter guidance is also in line with expectations. Stock is up almost 10% after hours and we'll provide a recap after the earnings call.

Ask Titan Anything is intended to be informational in nature and does not take into account the specific objectives, financial situation, or particular needs of any specific person. Nothing in this content should be construed as investment advice, or a recommendation to buy or sell securities.u fully understand the risks involved before trading:

As of this writing, AMZN, GOOG, MSFT were a portfolio holding of Titan. This security may cease to be a portfolio holding at some point in the future.
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