ICYMI: Top client questions from Ask Titan Anything this week

Saturday, Jan 21st 2023


Happy Saturday! Here are the top questions from Ask Titan Anything this week. As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Q: Nice! 3.2% APY is great. Will this apply to my strategic cash in my Flagship/Opportunities/Offshore too?

Thanks for the feedback - we're excited that clients can benefit from this rising rate environment too. The short answer is yes! All strategic cash held in Titan strategies benefits from 3.2% APY. We have a bunch of dry powder to deploy in the coming weeks/months. In the meantime, we like the fact that we can be incredibly nimble in the midst of uncertainty and that you will be able to earn some extra interest too.

Q: What happens when we hit the debt limit?

This isn't the first time Congress has hit the ceiling, and it has caused extensive government shutdowns in the past. Yellen seems to be steadfast in the fact that the Treasury can use all of the tools in their toolkit to bridge obligations until June. If a resolution isn't agreed upon by June, the US will essentially default on its debt. Credit default swaps, a financial tool that measures the risk of default, haven't been signaling an alarm just yet but we are paying attention to the situation and underwriting the situation into our models. Although the headlines are big, we aren't overly worried for now.

Q: What is the difference between the Flagship and Market S&P?

While the two strategies both invest in S&P 500 companies, there are important differences. Most importantly, Titan Flagship is an actively managed strategy, meaning a team of investment professionals conducting a rigorous research / diligence process before initiating an investment, on your behalf. The resulting portfolio consists of ~15-20 companies we believe are best in class -- we call these companies compounders and believe that concentrating your portfolio around these names can outperform over the long-term. Holdings are conviction weighted and monitored daily. Our Market Index fund, on the other hand, is a passively managed index that aims to track the investment results of the S&P 500, i.e. no humans involved here, set it and forget it. Market Index can provide broad US stock market exposure in a cost effective way. This is all to say we don't think it's a zero sum game - we've always viewed investing as a balancing act. Enough concentration to make your winners count big (the goal of Flagship) but enough diversification to perform across market cycles (the goal of Market Index).

Titan Global Technologies LLC, (“Broker”) makes available to Customers who hold Accounts with Broker the ability to participate in a cash sweep program offered in coordination with Apex Clearing Corporation (“Clearing Broker”), whereby Customers may receive a certain annual percentage yield (“APY”) payment on cash holdings in their Account(s) from Clearing Broker (the “Apex Interest”) and an additional payment from Broker (the “Titan Payment” and together with the Apex Interest, the “Payments”), pursuant to the terms and conditions herein (the “Program”).

Payments made to Customers in connection with their participation in the Program will be comprised of (i) the Apex Interest, which is funded by Clearing Broker’s FDIC cash sweep program (the “Apex Cash Sweep Program”), and (ii) the Titan Payment, which is a direct payment from Broker, using cash and/or interest from cash on Broker’s balance sheet. Please note, Customers who do not hold an account with Broker will only receive the Apex Interest portion of any payment. The terms and conditions of the Apex Cash Sweep Program as well as the amount of Apex Interest is subject to change as disclosed to Customer from time to time, and pursuant to the Apex Cash Sweep Program’s terms and conditions available here.

By participating in the Program, Customer acknowledges that they have read and understood the terms and conditions referenced herein along with the terms and conditions of the Apex Cash Sweep Program.

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