Here are some of our accolades

35,000 happy clients and counting.

"Over the last quarter, Titan had the best one-period return above/below the benchmark we have ever witnessed."
“What Robinhood did to democratize buying individual stocks, Titan wants to do for investing in a managed portfolio.”
“Meet the people... who are shaking up the $3.2 trillion hedge fund game.”
“The investing app Titan promises to let ordinary traders invest like a hedge-fund client.”
“How Titan Works to Democratize Hedge Funds and Managed Portfolios”
“The secret you don't read about that really affects retail investors is despite whatever product they're in or ETF they're in, they can't even get that performance because they trade in and out of it”
“For the average Joe or Jane, hedge funds are out of the question. Not so quick. A company named Titan Invest is looking to change how people invest.”
“Titan Invest is a mobile app letting investors gain access to the elite world of hedge funds for free.”
“Most robo-advisors follow a passive, index fund-based investment strategy. We aren’t aware of any robo-advisors that have Titan’s investing approach.”
“Titan is an investment advisor that offers everyday consumers the ability to invest like world-class hedge funds.”