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How does Titan’s return on investment calculator work?

To use Titan’s return on investment calculator, input the amount you invested and the amount returned, and the period of time for which you held the investment. The calculator will then tell you what your ROI was, expressed as a percentage. It will also annualize the ROI so that you understand the investment’s ROI per year.

What is ROI?

Return on investment, or ROI, is a basic measure that answers the question of profitability, by examining the cost of the investment, its current or market value, and any gain or loss on the investment. It is expressed as a percentage rate. It is most frequently used by investors to keep score on stocks and funds, but it also helps companies analyze whether expansions, acquisitions, or new ventures were prudent decisions.

How do you calculate return on investment?

Calculating return on investment is very simple, which is why it’s so frequently used. The basic return on investment formula, expressed as a percentage, is:

(Total amount returned - Amount invested) / Amount invested = ROI

Multiplying the decimal result by 100 converts the figure into a percentage.

What is the difference between ROE and ROI?

Return on investment is the ratio of profit or gain divided by the cost of the investment, regardless of the source of the funding. It includes all sources of money used for investment—the investor’s own money (equity) or borrowed money (leverage). ROI is a measure of overall profitability of an investment or business project.

Return on equity, or ROE, on the other hand, is the ratio of profit divided only by the investor’s own invested money, or equity, minus any borrowed money, or leverage. It is a measure of how efficient the investor’s equity is being used to generate a profit.

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