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The app is easy to use and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful

Real App Store Review · April 20, 2022

The gold standard of investment apps

Real App Store Review · April 25, 2022

Titan makes it easy to invest for the rest of us.

Real App Store Review · June 15, 2021

Performing better than my 401k during this downturn - easy to use - good source for info.

Real App Store Review · June 18, 2022

Invest in 21st century technology with some of the smartest minds

Real App Store Review · August 5, 2022

Best decision I’ve made with my money

Real App Store Review · August 5, 2022

Can’t wait to see what new product offerings are released

Real App Store Review · April 27, 2022

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Tell us about yourself

Answer some questions about what you want to get out of investing and where you’re at in life to help us better understand how we can help. It’ll only take a few minutes.


Get a custom plan

Based on your specific needs, we’ll create a personalized asset mix — across stocks, real estate, private credit, and more — for you to stay on track for your goals.


Stay informed, simply

No black boxes here. We’re transparent with what’s going on with your money and give you easy-to-understand updates so you know your investing needs are handled.

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Old school “money guys” are over

You used to have two choices: The stodgy, expensive guys from the last generation or totally impersonal robots. Not anymore.

Wealth Manager


Money managed by professionals

Actively managed portfolios

Offers market index stocks strategy

Ability to pay 0% in fees

Access to high quality alts

Weekly content to inform you

Offers downside protection

Convenient digital experience

Ability to buy and sell individual stocks

Real-time tracking

Track the performance of your investments in real time on the app.

Easy to use

Carefully designed, thoughtfully engineered.

Updates on demand

Understand the why behind your portfolio decisions with an on-demand investor relations team.

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And that’s not all

Whether you’re here for the full course or a la carte investing, Titan clients get access to alternative assets, iconic funds, and a bespoke investing experience.

Transparent fees & low minimums

You can start investing on Titan with as little as $100.

Recurring deposits

Set it and don’t forget it. Invest on auto-pilot while still staying informed.

Passive or active? Both.

For the most part, your experience is passive. We do the work for you; investing, handheld.

Ask Titan Anything

Curious about a stock, one of our funds, or something that has nothing to do with Titan? Ask us in the app, and our investor relations team will get back to you.

Humans, not robots

We have a team of professionals managing your money.

Security is our priority

Titan employs physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards—including 256-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)—to protect your money, identity, and personal information.

Investing team on demand

There’s a lot of financial information noise out there. You shouldn’t have to spend hours distilling how it affects your wealth. Our team of in-house experts will give you bite-sized updates so you can stay informed without the effort.

Your portfolio updates

Stay on top of changes in your portfolio so you know what’s happening and learn a little too.

Intro to asset classes

Learn about how different investment opportunities work to grow your wealth.

Personalized newsfeed

Understand market happenings and how they might impact your investments.

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