Titan Trade Update: Managing our uranium risk

Monday, Mar 7th 2022

Investor Update

We’ve trimmed our uranium miner holdings in the Opportunities portfolio and added to our cash reserve.

The table below details these moves:


Our uranium investments have surged higher (+30%) over the past month, with rising commodity prices pressuring traditional energy sources. In our view, European countries are realizing that further investments in sustainable, alternative energy sources are critically important to reduce dependence on Russian energy resources.

Given the organic growth of these positions and increasing headline risk from escalating geopolitical tensions, we believed it was prudent to reduce our stakes in Denison Mines (DNN) and NexGen Energy (NXE). Our thesis continues to track well, and we’ll monitor the situation in Eastern Europe.

Our thoughts continue to go out to the Ukrainian people, and thank you for the opportunity to manage your capital in these challenging times.

Onwards, Titan Investment Team

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