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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Titan Crypto, now live in the Titan app.
As the first actively-managed crypto portfolio available to all* U.S. investors, Titan Crypto brings Titan’s signature investment approach to the exciting and volatile world of crypto. 
Since 2018, over 30,000 clients have entrusted us with over $600 million of their capital, invested in our equity portfolios: Flagship, Opportunities, and Offshore. Today, we launch into a different asset class, bringing you the high-growth potential of actively-managed crypto investing. 
Some may wonder whether the (rocket) ship has already sailed and, with it, the opportunity to grow their wealth alongside the crypto boom. At Titan, we believe it’s still early innings for crypto. We think there’s a monumental path of potential growth ahead.
The best time to get invested in crypto is now. And, in our view, the best way to get invested in crypto is by entrusting our investment analysts and crypto experts to do the hard work for you.
We believe that every Titan client should complement his/her equity portfolio with a small investment in crypto (personalized based on risk profile). Over time, our aim is that this will boost returns, reduce volatility, and increase Sharpe ratios. 
Attached is a welcome video from our Co-CEO Clay and our lead crypto analyst Gritt, as well as the Titan Crypto investment deck and memo. Be sure to update your Titan app today.
*At this time, New York state residents cannot yet invest in Titan Crypto. Pending regulatory approval, we’ll notify all waitlist sign-ups once New York state is approved to invest in Titan Crypto.
The Quick 101 on Crypto
Portfolio Construction: ~5-10 cryptoassets
Positions: Conviction-weighted (based on our risk/reward assessment)
Size: No mandate
Time Horizon: Long (3-5 years), but we monitor on-chain analytics and asset fundamentals in an effort to reduce drawdowns and maximize upside potential.
Philosophy: As always, extremely picky. Protocols must meet our rigorous checklist and prove a real world use case and attractive long term growth dynamics.
Fee: If you were on the Titan Crypto waitlist (you can check in-app), then your Titan Crypto portfolio will be managed for zero fees. If not, it’s still the same 1% annual AUM fee and 0% performance fees (or $5/month if you have <$10K deposits at Titan). Typically, this sort of strategy could cost 2% AUM + 20% performance fee at crypto hedge funds.
Referrals: All existing referral credits will apply to Titan Crypto assets.
Join us for an investor call Monday 8/16 at 4PM ET to talk Crypto
This upcoming Monday, August 16th at 4PM ET, Clay and Gritt will host an investor call to walk through the Titan Crypto portfolio and answer any questions on our clients’ minds. You can reserve your spot below.
Reserve your spot
A quick preview of what's inside Titan Crypto
Here's a look inside some of the cryptos that make up our portfolio:
Why invest in Crypto?
1. Growth Runway
We believe the next big tech paradigm shift will be driven by crypto and blockchain technologies. The crypto space is experiencing an unprecedented level of software development and innovation, and has immense growth potential over the coming decade.
2. It's Still Early
There are many signs suggesting that those who invest in crypto today are still “getting in” near the beginning. There is still a great deal of skepticism and disillusionment from the public at large: typical of any technology that is very early in its life cycle . Existing infrastructure is still too complicated and confusing for mainstream adoption. Even regulators are still debating on how to regulate the space.
Crypto is generally uncorrelated to the behavior of other asset classes, and could serve as a strategic allocation in portfolios. Extensive research has shown that a small allocation of cryptos would have consistently and significantly increased both the cumulative and risk-adjusted returns of a portfolio.
Reflecting these changes, we wanted to provide you with updated versions of Titan’s Form ADV Part 2A, Account Management Agreement, Form CRS, and more, which are available on our website here. Please reach out with any questions.
Update your app!
Titan Crypto is our biggest launch yet, and we’re delighted to have you on board. We believe Titan Crypto will bring smart diversification and attractive upside potential to your Titan portfolio, aiming to boost your risk-adjusted returns over the long term.
Update your app today to check it out.
Onwards, The Titan investment team

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