Investing 101

What is Financial Investing? | Financial Investing Explained

Investing 101


What is Financial Investing? | Financial Investing Explained

Want to learn more about financial investing? Titan's Emily Bice explains all about how to get started with financial investing in this short video.

Video Transcript

Across human history, there have only been three use cases for investing. Number one, make it go away. Number two, get out of my way. Number three, show me the way. Make it go away fits within the category of passive investing, which is like a set it and forget it approach. For many investors, this could mean buying stocks or funds and not thinking about them for years, focused on the goal of long term growth. This started in the 1800s when the Dow Jones index was created and is used today as the model of many robo advisor companies. Get out of my way fits within the investing category of self-directed brokerage which is like DIY investing where you do all the research, all the buying, all the selling and all the calls behind your decisions. It's hands on, time consuming, and self-directed. This investing use case started back in the 1600s when the Dutch East India Company became the first company to offer equity shares of its businesses to the public, meaning they were the first ever initial public offering or IPO for short. Show me the way is the oldest of the three use cases and fits within the category of investment management where someone manages your money for you. It started in BC times when the Phoenician ships set sail and merchants funded the voyages. Their bet? Ship captains would return with prosperous fortunes and multiply their investments. So when it comes to investing, how you end up investing will boil down to these three use cases. Make it go away: a passive hands off approach. Get out of my way: the DIY approach where you do it yourself, or show me the way. Where you entrust your capital to someone else to manage it for you. That's how you can approach investing in a nutshell. 

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