What is Ethereum? | Ethereum Explained



What is Ethereum? | Ethereum Explained

Ethereum is another popular cryptocurrency. In this video, Titan's Emily Cherkassky explains everything you might need to know about this crypto.

Video Transcript

Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there, second only to Bitcoin. Created by Vitalik Buterin, a Canadian-Russian programmer, Ethereum provides the world's largest decentralized apps ecosystem. When it comes to innovation, Ethereum is king. While Bitcoin was always meant to be a digital currency, Ethereum is the world's largest decentralized computing platform for running immutable programmatic applications. These unique applications have rules governed by smart contracts that allow users to transact with each other without the need to trust or know each other or even know the order of the application.

You can think of these smart contracts like little Lego pieces that sit on the Ethereum Blockchain. These applications are essentially tamper proof, have no downtime, and can't be censored because the blockchain is maintained by a large number of servers across the globe. Today, Ethereum hosts thousands of these applications from financial tools to games and non-fungible tokens or NFT's, and all are powered by its native currency, Ether, also known colloquially as ETH. 

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