Angel Investing

What Is Angel Investing? | Angel Investing Explained

Angel Investing


What Is Angel Investing? | Angel Investing Explained

Angel investing provides funding for startups in their earliest stages. Want to know all about it? Here's an explainer video we developed for you at Titan.

Video Transcript

Angel Investing is when high net worth individuals make private investments to support small startups and or entrepreneurs. This capital is usually intended to help the company get started by funding working capital and other startup costs, but can also provide additional support for a company low on cash. Often, Angel investments come from friends and family members. So what's in it for them?

The Angel Investor will receive ownership or equity in the company in exchange for their investment. These investments are extremely risky. As a result, the angel investor will require an extremely high return for their investment. A private companies valuation is a function of how much capital was invested and the corresponding ownership percentage received by the Angel Investor. Though it is not always the case when an angel investment pays off and a company succeeds, it's good for all parties involved. 

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