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High-integrity and high-horsepower.

We believe you should have access to First Class.

“Run along, now. Go put your money in an ETF.” That’s what the world tells the average retail investor. But for the ultra-wealthy, the equation completely flips: “Welcome to first class. Which hedge fund would you like?” We’re here to change this.
Clayton GardnerCo-Founder & Co-Ceo
Clay has spent the majority of his career as an investor at multi-billion dollar hedge funds, applying the long-term, quality-oriented approach that Titan uses today. He graduated from The Wharton School / University of Pennsylvania.
Joe PercocoCo-Founder & Co-Ceo
Joe spent time at McKinsey & Co. in San Francisco in their technology practice, at Goldman Sachs & Co. in NYC, and most recently as an early employee at a long/short equity hedge fund. He graduated from The Wharton School / University of Pennsylvania.
Max BernardyCo-Founder & CTO
In addition to his time as a software engineer at a hedge fund, Max was a senior engineer and early employee at several early-stage technology companies. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science.

Why we do what we do

Everyday investors are stuck with mediocre returns and archaic experiences without even realizing it. Meanwhile, their wealthy compatriots are doing the exact opposite. Condescending advice is aplenty these days. “Just put your money in this diversified ETF.” “No one can do better than the average.” Or worse, the ones who dare to embrace the stock market are usually left in the dark fending for themselves. Little do they know they are up against trillions of dollars of expert capital. We were frustrated when we saw this divide. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when we experienced it with our own friends and family. We worked at hedge funds managing money one way for our clients.... but then telling our parents to invest a totally different way. We wish we were joking. So we set out to finally give the best of Wall Street to anyone, no matter how large or small their checks were. Enter Titan. At Titan, we’re building the best performance vehicle for your capital, ever. Our goal is to deliver you high returns, compounded over long periods of time, by employing the same investing philosophies that usually only the wealthy have access to. But we have another radical goal - we want to transform you. Every investment platform you deal with is a one-way street of you giving them your money. A black box. That’s not us. We’re open. We teach you how to fish. You’ll become the best investor you’ve ever been on Titan.

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