We invest clients in a combination of our four strategies: Flagship, Opportunities, Offshore, and Crypto.

Grow your capital at a high rate of return over a long period.

To do so, we seek to invest in the best public businesses in the world (stocks) at material discounts to their intrinsic value, while maintaining dry powder and opportunistically shorting, as needed.

Titan Flagship

Large Cap, U.S-focused
Flagship is our large cap U.S. growth strategy, aimed at identifying high-quality companies that can compound capital in excess of the S&P 500 index.
Number of Stocks15 - 25
MandateU.S Only
Average Market Cap$718 Billion
Annualized Return18.8%

Titan Opportunities

Small/Mid Cap, U.S-focused
Opportunities is focused on identifying smaller U.S. companies that we believe can grow at exceptional rates and become the next crop of shining stars.
Number of Stocks15 - 25
MandateU.S Only
Average Market Cap$11 Billion
Annualized Return40.6%

Titan Offshore

Offshore is our international growth strategy, aimed at identifying the world’s best businesses in emerging and developed markets from China to Latin America and beyond.
Number of Stocks15 - 25
MandateInternational Only
Average Market Cap$178 Billion
Annualized Return-22.6%
Short-term results to date; not indicative of future.

Titan Crypto

Crypto is an actively managed portfolio of cryptoassets that we believe are positioned for outstanding long-term returns with minimal correlation to equities and with attractive hedging qualities.
Number of Coins~5 - 10
Annualized Return120.7%
Short-term results to date; not indicative of future.
Titan Crypto is available to all U.S. residents except those with home addresses in New York. Our crypto partner is still awaiting regulatory approval to offer crypto to New York residents. Cryptocurrency advisory services are provided by Titan Global Capital Management USA LLC. Cryptocurrency execution and custody services are provided by Apex Crypto LLC (NMLS ID 1828849).


Downside protection across equity strategies
Across all of our equity strategies, we offer downside protection that's tailored to individual risk tolerances. This allows our clients to potentially earn profits when the market declines. It's the reason we were ranked the #1 investment advisor out of 60+ others for equity returns during the COVID-19 crisis.

Learn more about our rigorous process.

We have a rigorous investment process that blends old school and new to identify high-quality businesses that can compound your capital at a high rate of return for the long run.
Clayton GardnerChief Investment Officer
He spent the majority of his career as an investor at multi-billion dollar hedge funds and private equity firms. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Wharton School and the School of Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

Key facts

Advisory Fee
≥$10k Net Deposits
<$10k Net Deposits
1% AUM Per Year
$5 per month
Performance Fee0.00%
Minimum Investment$100
Investor QualificationsU.S. Only
Custody & ClearingApex Clearing, Apex Crypto
SIPC InsuranceUp to $500K
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"Most people think diversification is a good thing. You'll do average, definitionally. What really matters is concentration."
Clay Gardner, CO-CEO & Chief Investment Officer