Three Things (4/25)

Monday, Apr 25th 2022


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1) Stripe introduces crypto payouts as cryptocurrency adoption continues to broaden

  • Stripe Connect users will initially be able to support payouts in USDC, the Polygon-based stablecoin.
  • The company plans to add support for additional networks and currencies over time.
  • Stripe is piloting this program with Twitter, which already allows users to monetize Spaces and Super Followers using the Connect platform.

Titan’s Takeaway: For investors, crypto assets most often garner interest given “store of value” characteristics or portfolio diversification. And while we don’t expect ubiquitous crypto payments in the near term, for the general public these payment use cases make the asset class much less abstract and a positive for overall adoption.

2) Instagram tests new “Templates” feature in Reels as efforts to take on TikTok ramp up

  • This product would allow users to replicate the cuts and editing of a Reel using their own photos or video.
  • This test comes as Instagram tries to push for more creation of Reels on the app directly, rather than having users just repost videos from TikTok to their page.
  • Earlier this year, Meta Platforms disclosed that Reels is its fastest-growing format globally.

Titan’s Takeaway: As both consumers of Instagram and investors in Meta Platforms, the company’s push towards increasing Reels engagement and creation has been unmissable in the last several months. And when Meta discloses its quarterly earnings this coming week, we expect Reels to be one of the biggest topics of conversation as the company responds to its latest competitive threat.

3) Netflix share decline pressures comp as employees push for extra option grants to offset losses

  • The Information reports Netflix’s share price decline this week wiped out the value of all stock options issued to Netflix employees since 2018.
  • Staff pressed management on issuing additional grants to offset losses in a meeting last week.
  • Netflix allows employees to decide their own compensation mix of stock and cash.

Titan’s Takeaway: Stock prices can seem random and abstract, but a rise or fall in any company’s share price has an impact on its day-to-day operations. And while management might tell employees not to worry about markets overshooting up or down, there is a direction that share prices can force staff to take a pay cut — and it’s not up.

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