Monday, Nov 15th 2021

Titan Crypto Trade Update: Six New Altcoins

Investor Update

Avalanche ($AVAX)

A fast-growing Layer-1 blockchain offering innovative technology, full compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and more.

  • Innovative Technology at Massive Scale: Avalanche’s unique consensus protocol enables Avalanche to offer 4500+ transactions per second, with sub-second finality. It can also scale up to unprecedented levels of decentralization, e.g. to a million nodes all participating in consensus at the same time.
  • Custom Virtual Machine Compatibility: AVAX’s support for custom Virtual Machines, including EVM, allows projects from ETH or any blockchain to be easily ported over to AVAX, where it can benefit from the performance, decentralization, low fees, and customization that AVAX offers.
  • Tailor-Made Blockchains: Anyone, including businesses and enterprises, can create their own tailor-made application-specific blockchains with complex rule sets to fit their specific use cases.
  • Growth Mindset: We believe the AVAX team has done an excellent job developing and expanding its ecosystem, including multiple mega-incentive programs to attract blue-chip DeFi projects, developers, and users.

Terra ($LUNA)

A leading Layer-1 blockchain underpinning a thriving ecosystem of DeFi and TradFi platforms with its basket of decentralized stablecoins.

  • LUNA-Backed Stablecoins: Unlike other Layer-1 blockchains that need to drive on-chain activity to grow, Terra is different: it’s in the business of stablecoins. Terra’s LUNA-backed stablecoins are available for use across most major blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and more.
  • Becoming Scarcer and More Valuable: In order to mint $1 UST, $1 worth of LUNA gets burned. That means that as demand for Terra’s stablecoins grows, LUNA becomes scarcer and more valuable. We believe that LUNA’s price may, accordingly, go up in price.
  • Defensive, Counter-Cyclical Asset: We believe this dynamic makes LUNA a great counter-cyclical asset. In bear cycles, we believe demand for UST grows as investors sell risky cryptoassets for stablecoins.
  • #1 Blockchain with Most Real-World Adoptions: Terra has a South Korean mobile payments app called CHAI, a leading South Korean mobile payments app processing over $1B in transactions per year, for over 2.5M users. Users and merchants use fiat currencies for day-to-day activities, but these are converted to Terra stablecoin on the backend, with transactions settled on the blockchain and fees accruing back to LUNA stakers. CHAI makes Terra the #1 blockchain with the most real-world adoptions.

Solana ($SOL)

An ultra-fast, newer-gen blockchain geared for high-performance dApps, especially in trading and other DeFi use cases.

  • Institutional-Grade Performance: Solana has a history of interesting tech innovations. For example, it features a new timestamp system called Proof-of-History (PoH), which enables nodes to agree on the time order of the events on the chain, without having to talk to each other.
  • Smart Developments and Partnerships: We believe Solana’s team has done an exceptional job building out the foundations of a vibrant ecosystem.
  • Strong Traction: Solana has over 300 projects built in its ecosystem, and institutions are beginning to take notice of the blockchain’s infrastructural developments. Solana is also benefiting from NFT-driven mania on ETH, which is spilling over into other Layer-1 blockchains.

Polygon ($MATIC)

A leading ETH Layer-2 scaling solution, offering improved speed and reduced transaction costs for users.

  • Big Ambitions: Polygon has recently expanded its ambition to become the all-in-one Layer-2 solution provider for Ethereum, combining multiple L2 scaling technologies including sidechains, Optimistic Rollups, and ZK rollups.
  • Modular and Flexible Framework: Polygon’s core component will be Polygon SDK, a modular framework which supports the building of heterogeneous blockchains. These blockchains’ infrastructure layers can be tailored to fit a variety of use cases.
  • Active Expansion: Polygon’s team has been very active in expanding its partnerships, accumulating what we consider an impressive list that includes most of the top Ethereum projects. Coinbase selected Polygon as its first Layer-2 solution integration.

SushiSwap ($SUSHI)

A leading decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) facilitating transactions between cryptocurrency tokens without the need for intermediaries.

  • Expanded Product Suites: SushiSwap began as a fork of Uniswap in August 2020, and has proven to be a leading DEX with a strong development track record. The team has expanded its product suites to include lending, yield farming, staking, a token launchpad, and a yet-to-launch NFT platform—many of which Uniswap doesn’t have itself.
  • Impressive Presence: SushiSwap has expanded into thirteen Layer-1 and 2 chains, including Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and more.
  • Strong Positioning: SushiSwap has positioned itself as a highly-competitive DEX. We believe it will be a prime beneficiary when capital from ETH’s Layer-2 begins to distribute across chains with lower transaction costs.

Ren ($REN)

A project bringing interoperability to DeFi by enabling permissionless, private transfer of value between any blockchain—without the need for a centralized exchange or custodian.

  • Well-Positioned Alternative Layer-1 Blockchain: While ETH remains king among Layer-1 smart contract platforms, there is now an immediate need for capital to be allocated across chains seamlessly. We believe REN is well-positioned to deliver that solution.
  • Proven Tech Stack: REN’s proven tech stack should command a significant premium in an environment where cross-chain security has been frequently compromised.
  • Enables Complicated User-Defined Actions: REN’s core product, RenVM, will enable users to execute complicated, user-defined actions that allow for a whole new ecosystem of primitives to be created, such as advanced arbitraging strategies across chains using flash loans.
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