Titan Crypto Trade Update: Shifting to ETH and the Alts

Investor Updatea month ago
We’ve made strategic adjustments to the Titan Crypto portfolio, reaping gains from our Bitcoin thesis and shifting weight to ETH and altcoins.
Earlier this month, we placed a high-conviction bet on Bitcoin that has played out beautifully. Based on our on-chain analysis, we now believe the winds are turning. Over the past few days, we’ve seen bounces in a few BTC-altcoin pairs. On-chain fundamentals suggest the crypto market remains bullish, and we believe ETH and a number of altcoins (including LINK) are set for a meaningful bounce.
So we’re shifting Titan Crypto’s heft back to ETH, which will once again be Titan Crypto’s largest holding after we strategically put BTC in the #1 spot for most of this month. Our BTC weighting will go from 66% to 30%, with ETH now weighted at 60%.
Why ETH?
  • While “The Merge” (Ethereum’s transition towards Proof of Stake) seemed to move slowly at first, we believe it is accelerating. As the project progresses through its milestones, it is beginning to take clearer shape. For example, an upcoming upgrade called Altair will add features to prepare Beacon Chain developers and client teams for the coming Merge.
  • We believe the growth and maturity of the Layer-2 rollup ecosystem should bring interest back to ETH from Layer 1 competitors (e.g. Avalanche, Fantom, Solana, etc.)
  • The approval of BTC futures-backed ETFs significantly raises the possibility of approval for ETH ETFs.
We’re also increasing our positions in LINK, ALGO, and ADA. We continue to hold high conviction on our theses for these coins. We expect risk-on rotation to move into altcoins in the very near future, and have sized our bets here accordingly.
In short we’ve taken a portion of the spoils from this month’s successful bet on Bitcoin, and strategically allocated them to ETH, LINK, ALGO, and ADA.
As ever, we’ve done so with an eye to the long-term growth of your wealth in Titan Crypto. If you have any questions, we’re here to answer them. Thank you for the opportunity to manage your capital.
Best, Gritt and the Titan team

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