Friday, Nov 20th 2020

No called strikes


We have a busy winter ahead.

There are a lot of high-quality technology companies hitting the stock market that we'll review as possible Titan investments for you.

With each new IPO we're reminded of an old investing adage: "there are no called strikes."

Baseball fans will immediately understand this notion. In baseball, three thrown strikes and you're out, even if you don't swing. In investing, there's no such thing - you do not strike out if you miss a good pitch.* With this in mind, it means you can be patient and have a very high bar for the pitches you do choose to swing at. 

This is the philosophy we're bearing in mind as Airbnb, Affirm, Roblox, and other hot technology companies IPO. Our investment team will take a rigorous look at these businesses for you, but we won't feel compelled to swing. Our first goal is to protect your capital, so if we're not 10/10 excited by an investment's prospects, we're going to pass (yes, even if it's an 8/10).  

However, if we do find a business that we think is exceptional - durable moat, rapid growth, compelling returns on capital, strong management team - we're going to swing and invest you in the stock. 

The takeaway: we're extremely picky with your money. When we swing, it counts.

Bonus: There are technically called strikes over a long enough period of time. If someone gives you money to invest, and you never swing, you would have kept their money in cash the whole time, and they will likely fire you. *

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