Return on effort

Friday, Nov 6th 2020


These past few weeks have marked some of the most volatile and surprising the markets have seen in quite some time.

With a historic election at its core, markets oscillated between seeming complacency and rapid risk reduction, before ultimately deciding to look past the clouds of uncertainty on the eve of the main "risk event" itself, the election.

We don't think the story there is necessarily over, and believe it's possible that new developments may trigger markets to start "worrying" once again about uncertainty it has seemingly already brushed off .

But if these past few weeks show us anything, we believe it's the importance of "return on effort" - a close cousin of "return on investment" that measures investment in units of your time and energy, not dollars.

In anticipation of the election, many investors understandably wrung their hands and racked their brains mapping out various outcomes and how they could adjust their portfolios accordingly.

Meanwhile, nothing really changed on the fundamental side, as was shown by the barrage of strong earnings reported by companies across Titan Flagship and Opportunities.  

The investors who simply stayed put and ignored the noise wound up doing extraordinarily well, with almost half of the holdings in Opportunities gaining double digits on the back of strong earnings and growth.

The story there?  More of the same. Fundamental growth, strong capital allocation, and powerful secular tailwinds.

Focusing on these topics may not as feel as gripping or topical as trying to predict a historic election, but for long-term investors, that's often what matters the most.

A far better return on effort, in our view.

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