Performance Update (August 2020)

Investor Updatea year ago
Titan Flagship is now up +30% YTD through August, materially outperforming the S&P 500 index which is up +10%.
Titan Opportunities had a strong start as well, up +8% in August vs. the Russell 2000 index down -1%.
Below is a full recap. As always, let us know if you have any questions.
Our Flagship strategy gained +10% in August (vs. the S&P 500 +7%), despite having our maximum hedges in place (and therefore lower beta / less market exposure).
Our Opportunities strategy gained +8% from its launch in August (vs. the Russell 2000 down -1%). A strong start for our small/mid cap portfolio focused on opportunistic investments off the beaten path.
Titan Flagship clients with aggressive risk profiles are now up +30% YTD (vs. S&P 500 +10%, and advisors like Wealthfront / Betterment essentially flat).
Represents year-to-date return, after fees, through August 2020.  See full disclosures here and below.
Since our Inception Date (2/20/2018), Titan Flagship has gained +61% in total return (after fees). This is nearly ~2x the market's return, and more than ~3x that of other advisors such as Betterment and Wealthfront.
Represents total return, after fees, from Inception Date through August 2020.  See full disclosures here and below.
Key Drivers
1) Rolling Thunder from Q2 Results. The majority of Flagship co's continue to be massive beneficiaries of secular tailwinds accelerated by COVID-19.
2) Slugging Percentage. Once again, our winners won far more than our losers lost (biggest gainer CRM +40%, biggest loser TWLO -3%).
3) Continued "Melt Up." U.S. equity indices rose mid/high single digits on solid Q2 corporate earnings and COVID-19 reopening optimism.
1) SaaS Fundamentals. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) holdings showed accelerating growth as enterprises digitize amidst COVID-19.
2) Slugging Percentage. Like Flagship, our winners won more than our losers lost (biggest gainer PLAN +31%, biggest loser CARG -9%).
3) Factor Rotation. The shift from value to growth stocks helped us in August. We conservatively assume this trend will normalize eventually.
Per our April memo, we still see a number of risks (e.g., health, economic, political) which do not appear fully appreciated based on equity valuations at the index level (both large cap S&P 500 and small cap Russell 2000). Our full hedges remain in place for both Flagship and Opportunities.
Stay heavily invested in Titan Flagship and Opportunities, and start to deploy spare cash on dips.
See disclosures.
August Movers
Top Performers: (CRM) +40% Apple (AAPL) +22% Mastercard (MA) +16%
Worst Performers: Autodesk (ADSK) +4% Fidelity Info Services (FIS) +3% Twilio (TWLO) -3%
Top Performers: Anaplan (PLAN) +31% Smartsheet (SMAR) +20% Crowdstrike (CRWD) +19%
Worst Performers: Five Below (FIVE) -2% New York Times (NYT) -2% CarGurus (CARG) -9%

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