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Tuesday, Jun 23rd 2020


Titan was recently featured in investing publication InvestmentNews for its performance through the recent downturn.

Key highlights from the article are below - for the full piece, please visit the link above.

On weathering the downturn:

"One robo-adviser did the unthinkable during the depths of the recent downturn. Titan Invest purchased an inverse-ETF that shorted the S&P 500 after an algorithm decided the market had reached an inflection point. From the date the fund was purchased on March 3 until March 31, the investment returned 8% when the S&P 500 was down almost 14%, according to a recent study. The holding, in fact, was something the researchers had never before seen on an automated platform."

On performance vs. other advisors:

"Titan not only outperformed during the downturn but blew competitors out of the water. The portfolio had the best one-period return above or below the normalized benchmark the researchers ever witnessed. Other individual securities Titan held — including Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix — were also all up for the quarter, while nearly all major equity indices were in the red."

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