The deafening silence

Friday, Apr 3rd 2020


It is without question that some of America's best businesses are on sale right now. But the investing community has been deep in debate lately: pile in now or test your luck waiting? The loudest voice is ironically the one that is silent.

Warren Buffett, arguably the best investor of all time, hasn't said a word. 

Remember this is the person who made famous the statement "be greedy when others are fearful." Wouldn't the masses appreciate his wisdom? 

Right now, our strong suspicion (we could be wrong) is that Warren is heads down debating what to buy.

He's been stockpiling cash for the past decade, to the tune of a whopping $128 billion, waiting for prices to fall so he can make an "elephant-sized acquisition" (his words). What could you buy if you went to the store with $128 billion? 

  • McDonald's. "I'd like to buy a Big Mac, and your whole company please."
  • All major tech IPOs last year. Imagine if he said "I'm not very good at tech investing, so rather than try to pick a single winner, I'll take them all. Uber, Lyft, Slack, Pinterest. Oh and that Snap thing that the kids use - SnapTalk? SnapChat? That one."
  • Seats too small on Delta? "I'll buy it and change that. I'm also going to buy the manufacturer of their airplanes, Boeing, just to be sure. I'll pay in cash."
  • "This Costco thing is quite nifty. I love the subscription model, and the efficiency of their stores. I'll take all of them."

Note: Warren Buffett is as outwardly modest as they come. The comedic flair above was just for emphasis at how absurd it is to think about what he can afford to buy. And hence why he's likely silent right now - he's working day and night to figure that out. 

The investing world is on the edge of their seats waiting to see what he does. And when he does announce it, we're sure the historian in him will remind us about the American machine that cannot be stopped, even by disease.

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