Tuesday, Mar 10th 2020

Hedge Funds on COVID: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

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We surveyed over 60 top investors for their outlooks on stocks amidst the coronavirus selloff. Here's what they said.

With the global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) shaking up financial markets, the big question people are asking is should you buy, sell, or hold?

We surveyed over 60 hedge fund investors for their views in our 3rd edition of the Insider Pulse. 

What Insiders Think: ~60% of hedge fund investors surveyed plan on using COVID-19 as an opportunity to buy.  In addition, nearly all expect a market recovery over the next 1+ years.

Insider Pulse 1

Our broad take: This is a buying opportunity. Nearly all panics wind up being "mini-panics" in hindsight, and they also turn out to be fantastic buying opportunities. Everything is on sale.

Our macro take, if you pushed us: We expect a "double dip" in markets (as we outlined a week ago), but don't try to get cute with timing a bottom perfectly.

Add to your portfolio consistently to capitalize on today's lower prices. This panic too shall pass over time. Any questions, let us know.

Special thanks to the investors in the Titan community that contributed to the survey. Note: These are opinions and do not represent actual positions in stocks or a recommendation to buy/sell securities.

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