Our process

Rigorous. Picky. Long-term focused.

We aim to own wonderful businesses identified through rigorous research.

We have a belief that if we pay attractive prices to own businesses that are higher-quality and faster-growing than average, then over the long run our portfolios should earn an above-average return with less risk.

We are rigorous.

We have a deep fundamental process, both quantitative and qualitative, to determine which businesses meet our checklist. We do not compromise.
Durable competitive advantages
Strong growth prospects
High returns on capital
Margin of safety

We are picky.

There are ~4,000 companies traded on major U.S. stock exchanges. We invest our clients in only a handful.
Flagship~15-20 stocks
Opportunities~15-20 stocks
Offshore~15-20 stocks
Crypto~5-10 cryptoassets

We are long-term focused.

We aren’t a get-rich-quick scheme. We aim to hold businesses that can compound capital at high rates of return over a 3-5 year time horizon. It’s in the ethos of our entire organization.

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"When you're in a gold rush, it's better to be the one selling the shovels."
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