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What's Titan

Think of us as a hedge fund in your pocket.

You give us your hard-earned capital. We invest it into wonderful businesses. The goal is to deliver high returns on this capital for you over the long run.

Create an account and transfer capital.

This takes roughly 2 minutes (we have a lightning-fast onboarding flow). You can choose either a taxable account or a retirement account. Then link a bank account or send a wire transfer. This money goes into your own separately managed account. Some clients give us thousands, others give us hundreds of thousands. Your call.

We go to work and invest your capital.

We invest your capital directly into our investment strategies (Flagship, Opportunities, Offshore, and Crypto) and have our Investor Relations team onboard you. We manage your capital actively, making trades into new positions on your behalf.

We give you courtside seats to the markets.

We’re a premier investing firm in your pocket. We provide you with updates in real time, helping you understand exactly what’s driving your portfolio. Here are some examples:

Key facts

We’ve built a first class infrastructure.
Minimum Investment$100
Investor QualificationsU.S Only
Custody & ClearingApex Clearing
Legal CounselLowenstein Sandler LP
ComplianceGreyline LLC

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How liquid is my capital?
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Is Titan a hedge fund?
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